Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saving and Investing Workbook published

We have pleased to announce that we published a workbook based on the original 'Saving and Investing' Book - the workbook covers all of the materials and more through 937 questions with answers and explanations. It is a very comprehensive book structured in the same away as the first one that covers a huge amount of material that one should know with respect to saving and investing.

Friday, October 22, 2010

New UK tax saving guide today: Property Capital Gains Tax

Taxcafe has published a brand new tax saving guide today:

Property Capital Gains Tax
by Carl Bayley

This guide contains dozens of NEW capital gains tax saving strategies and is essential reading for ALL property investors and second home owners.

Subjects covered include:

* The new capital gains tax rules announced in the June Budget.
* How to reduce your taxable income and pay CGT at 18% instead of 28%.
* How one property investor could save over £30,000 by doing exactly that.
* How your spouse or partner can now save you almost £18,000 in capital gains tax every year.
* How one couple could save £167,000 in CGT and £40,000 income tax by following the strategies in this guide.
* How your children can help you avoid capital gains tax completely.
* How trusts can be used to safeguard children’s properties.
* How to convert heavily taxed income into leniently taxed capital gains.
* Main residence elections - How to enjoy a tax-free second home.
* How unmarried couples can have two tax-free main residences... plus the traps to avoid.
* How one property investor will pay £29,180 less tax per property by using a company.
* The new Entrepreneurs Relief rules - How to pay tax at 10% and save up to £1.8 million.
* How one investor with a £200,000 profit will pay just 4% tax after living in the property for only a year.
* Plus lots more...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Kindle/Ebook Version available

An e-book version of 'Saving and Investing - Financial Knowledge and Financial Literacy that Everyone Needs and Deserves to Have!' has just been published. Click on Link above to get to Amazon version - price is lower and content the same.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

TaxCafe has launched 'Salary vs. Dividends' UK Business Tax Guide for 2010 (UK)

TaxCafe is delighted to announce the launch today of a brand new edition of our bestselling business tax guide:
Salary vs Dividends
by Carl Bayley
This guide is a must read for EVERY company owner and director.
It will show you how to reduce ALL the taxes you face: income tax, national insurance, corporation tax and capital gains tax.
This latest edition is completely up to date and packed with new tax saving ideas.

Subjects covered include:
* How to choose the most tax efficient mix of salary and dividends for YOU.
* Exactly how much in tax-free dividends you can take this year.
* Using loans to directors to achieve massive additional tax savings.
* How one director will save up to £11,364 by doing this.
* How to save almost £16,000 in corporation tax by timing your income carefully.
* The best tax saving techniques for directors with spouses/partners.
* Tax saving techniques for directors with children and family companies.
* Tax saving techniques for older directors.
* Advanced tax planning strategies for high-income earners.
* Sample documentation to keep the taxman happy.
* New capital gains tax planning strategies for company owners.
* Plus lots and lots more...

Sunday, September 5, 2010

New Video: Mutual Funds 5: Fees: Load, No-Load etc.

Mutual funds come with different types of fees - understanding these fees and being smart about keeping the fees under control is very important given the difference that a small percentage difference in the return per year can make over the long term. Part of this relates to active versus passive management, and a part of it refers to some of the other terms that are used, and a major part of it refers to just looking at this in some detail and reading the fine print.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

TaxCafe has launched 'How to Avoid Property Tax' Guide for 2010 (UK)

Please note that TaxCafe has just launched the 2010 UK Property Tax Guide. The latest edition contains ALL of the tax changes announced in the June Budget, making it an essential addition to every property investor's bookshelf.

They have also just released a fully updated edition of How to Save Tax, which contains 134 pages of tax tips and is free when you purchase How to Avoid Property Tax.

Subjects covered in How to Avoid Property Tax include:
* A plain English guide to the new capital gains tax rules.
* How to minimise your CGT bill under the new rules.
* How to use trusts to get extra tax-free capital growth.
* How couples can now pay capital gains tax at just 10% on £10 million of capital gains.
* How your spouse or children can help you save more tax following the June Budget.
* How couples can save over £22,000 income tax every year.
* How to delay paying tax on rental income by up to 2 years.
* How to get the taxman to pay your travel costs (flights, hotels,restaurants).
* How to get a tax refund of £50,000 when you buy commercial property.
* How to write off new kitchens and bathrooms as repairs and get the taxman to pay 40%.
* Motoring costs you can claim.
* How to make the mortgage on your home tax deductible by borrowing against your buy-to-let properties.
* How to claim tax relief for mortgage interest even if the money is used for personal reasons.
* How re-mortgaging property can save you thousands in tax.
* Plus lots more...

Monday, August 23, 2010

New Video: Why do Bond Prices fall when Interest Rates rise?

At first it might appear confusing that bond prices fall when interest rates rise - when properly looked at though this makes a lot of sense. This video clarifies why this is the case.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Video: B1. Book Review: The Big Short, by Michael Lewis

In this series I would like to highlight entertaining books that relate to saving and investing or events that have taken place in financial markets. This first video highlights 'The Big Short' by Michael Lewis - a book about the players involved in the sub-prime lending fueled housing bubble, whose implosion allowed a small number of hedge funds to make spectacular returns, while the holders of this sub-prime debt got pulled down with the implosion leading to numerous bailouts and the ensuing debate about risk, bonuses etc.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

New Video: The Key: The Basic Principles

We have created a lot of videos on various subjects - some of them more detailed, some of them less - having done all of that - we thought it was a good idea just to provide a reminder of the most important thing to start with - the key: the basic principles.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Video: Introduction to Share-Buybacks

We have uploaded a new video - An Introduction to Share Buy-Backs - in the Corporate Finance Series. Share Buy-Backs represent a way for companies to manage their capital structure, to potentially use cash to buy undervalued shares and to signal potential undervaluation - for shareholders, like dividends, share buy-backs represent a return of cash from the company to shareholders.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Video: Time Value of Money

We have uploaded a new video regarding the Time Value of Money - an often spoken about concept that relates to compounding, discounting, present and future values.