Wednesday, September 15, 2010

TaxCafe has launched 'Salary vs. Dividends' UK Business Tax Guide for 2010 (UK)

TaxCafe is delighted to announce the launch today of a brand new edition of our bestselling business tax guide:
Salary vs Dividends
by Carl Bayley
This guide is a must read for EVERY company owner and director.
It will show you how to reduce ALL the taxes you face: income tax, national insurance, corporation tax and capital gains tax.
This latest edition is completely up to date and packed with new tax saving ideas.

Subjects covered include:
* How to choose the most tax efficient mix of salary and dividends for YOU.
* Exactly how much in tax-free dividends you can take this year.
* Using loans to directors to achieve massive additional tax savings.
* How one director will save up to £11,364 by doing this.
* How to save almost £16,000 in corporation tax by timing your income carefully.
* The best tax saving techniques for directors with spouses/partners.
* Tax saving techniques for directors with children and family companies.
* Tax saving techniques for older directors.
* Advanced tax planning strategies for high-income earners.
* Sample documentation to keep the taxman happy.
* New capital gains tax planning strategies for company owners.
* Plus lots and lots more...

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