Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saving and Investing Workbook published

We have pleased to announce that we published a workbook based on the original 'Saving and Investing' Book - the workbook covers all of the materials and more through 937 questions with answers and explanations. It is a very comprehensive book structured in the same away as the first one that covers a huge amount of material that one should know with respect to saving and investing.

Friday, October 22, 2010

New UK tax saving guide today: Property Capital Gains Tax

Taxcafe has published a brand new tax saving guide today:

Property Capital Gains Tax
by Carl Bayley

This guide contains dozens of NEW capital gains tax saving strategies and is essential reading for ALL property investors and second home owners.

Subjects covered include:

* The new capital gains tax rules announced in the June Budget.
* How to reduce your taxable income and pay CGT at 18% instead of 28%.
* How one property investor could save over £30,000 by doing exactly that.
* How your spouse or partner can now save you almost £18,000 in capital gains tax every year.
* How one couple could save £167,000 in CGT and £40,000 income tax by following the strategies in this guide.
* How your children can help you avoid capital gains tax completely.
* How trusts can be used to safeguard children’s properties.
* How to convert heavily taxed income into leniently taxed capital gains.
* Main residence elections - How to enjoy a tax-free second home.
* How unmarried couples can have two tax-free main residences... plus the traps to avoid.
* How one property investor will pay £29,180 less tax per property by using a company.
* The new Entrepreneurs Relief rules - How to pay tax at 10% and save up to £1.8 million.
* How one investor with a £200,000 profit will pay just 4% tax after living in the property for only a year.
* Plus lots more...