Saturday, September 25, 2010

Kindle/Ebook Version available

An e-book version of 'Saving and Investing - Financial Knowledge and Financial Literacy that Everyone Needs and Deserves to Have!' has just been published. Click on Link above to get to Amazon version - price is lower and content the same.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

TaxCafe has launched 'Salary vs. Dividends' UK Business Tax Guide for 2010 (UK)

TaxCafe is delighted to announce the launch today of a brand new edition of our bestselling business tax guide:
Salary vs Dividends
by Carl Bayley
This guide is a must read for EVERY company owner and director.
It will show you how to reduce ALL the taxes you face: income tax, national insurance, corporation tax and capital gains tax.
This latest edition is completely up to date and packed with new tax saving ideas.

Subjects covered include:
* How to choose the most tax efficient mix of salary and dividends for YOU.
* Exactly how much in tax-free dividends you can take this year.
* Using loans to directors to achieve massive additional tax savings.
* How one director will save up to £11,364 by doing this.
* How to save almost £16,000 in corporation tax by timing your income carefully.
* The best tax saving techniques for directors with spouses/partners.
* Tax saving techniques for directors with children and family companies.
* Tax saving techniques for older directors.
* Advanced tax planning strategies for high-income earners.
* Sample documentation to keep the taxman happy.
* New capital gains tax planning strategies for company owners.
* Plus lots and lots more...

Sunday, September 5, 2010

New Video: Mutual Funds 5: Fees: Load, No-Load etc.

Mutual funds come with different types of fees - understanding these fees and being smart about keeping the fees under control is very important given the difference that a small percentage difference in the return per year can make over the long term. Part of this relates to active versus passive management, and a part of it refers to some of the other terms that are used, and a major part of it refers to just looking at this in some detail and reading the fine print.