Thursday, August 26, 2010

TaxCafe has launched 'How to Avoid Property Tax' Guide for 2010 (UK)

Please note that TaxCafe has just launched the 2010 UK Property Tax Guide. The latest edition contains ALL of the tax changes announced in the June Budget, making it an essential addition to every property investor's bookshelf.

They have also just released a fully updated edition of How to Save Tax, which contains 134 pages of tax tips and is free when you purchase How to Avoid Property Tax.

Subjects covered in How to Avoid Property Tax include:
* A plain English guide to the new capital gains tax rules.
* How to minimise your CGT bill under the new rules.
* How to use trusts to get extra tax-free capital growth.
* How couples can now pay capital gains tax at just 10% on £10 million of capital gains.
* How your spouse or children can help you save more tax following the June Budget.
* How couples can save over £22,000 income tax every year.
* How to delay paying tax on rental income by up to 2 years.
* How to get the taxman to pay your travel costs (flights, hotels,restaurants).
* How to get a tax refund of £50,000 when you buy commercial property.
* How to write off new kitchens and bathrooms as repairs and get the taxman to pay 40%.
* Motoring costs you can claim.
* How to make the mortgage on your home tax deductible by borrowing against your buy-to-let properties.
* How to claim tax relief for mortgage interest even if the money is used for personal reasons.
* How re-mortgaging property can save you thousands in tax.
* Plus lots more...

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