Saturday, August 9, 2008

UK: How to Beat the Credit Crunch

We thought you may be interested to know that TaxCafe has just published a brand new tax guide called How to Beat the Credit Crunch, by Toby Hone.

This new guide is packed with practical ideas and tips to help you survive and make money during the Credit Crunch. To learn more click on title of post or use link below.


This unique new guide is packed with practical ideas and tips to help you survive and make money during the Credit Crunch.

Itís essential reading for ALL property investors and landlords.

The advice and strategies contained in this timely publication will help you drastically increase your rental income, slash your expenses and turn your property portfolio into a well-oiled cash generating machine!

The author also reveals his secrets for making lucrative new investments in the current climate.

What Information is Contained in the Guide

The guide contains numerous real-life examples from the authorís extensive experience in buying, selling, renovating, developing and managing a big portfolio of investment properties.

Subjects covered include:

Creative ways to boost your rental income by over 50%.
How to overcome the mortgage drought and find the best deals.
18 practical ways to slash ALL your property expenses.
...some of these tips will save you £100s, others will save you £1,000s!
How to tap into the fastest growing rental market with the highest rental yields.
6 ways you can seriously improve the health of your property portfolio.
How to protect yourself from rising interest rates.
How to improve your credit record and keep it squeaky clean.
The biggest threats to your property portfolio NOW and how to handle them.
Ways to boost your emergency cash reserves and shield yourself from the Credit Crunch.
How to virtually eliminate losses through effective deposit management.
How to avoid giving away up to 32% of your rental income without even knowing it.
Practical ways to eliminate void periods completely.
Ways to rent out problem properties quickly.
The outlook for the UK property market and a comparison with the US mark
The 1990s crash... will it be as bad this time round?
A detailed look at the benefits and drawbacks of selling property now.
How to source property at a 25% discount.
Innovative money-making strategies that work in the current climate.
... including buying below market value properties and
... creating potential goldmines within your portfolio.

About the Author

The Author of How to Beat the Credit Crunch is Toby Hone. Toby Hone is a professional property investor. Over the last 10 years he has built a portfolio of 30 properties worth around £3 million. He is also an active property developer, specializing in sourcing below market value properties, as well as properties requiring refurbishment and also development projects, and adding value to them using various techniques revealed in this book.

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