Sunday, November 18, 2007

Affiliation with Taxcafe

We are very pleased to announce an affiliation with Taxcafe - a leading provider of up-to-date tax information in an easy to read and easy to understand format.

When it comes to saving and investing, the fact is that governments do not want a large group of 60-65 year-olds that are reliant on handouts and begging for money to survive. Therefore, governments in developed countries and even most 'emerging' ones, put in place tax incentives and ways of putting aside money that makes it interesting to do so. For example, the government might allow tax-free compounding of money, contribution to a pension and avoiding all tax on that contribution, or no tax on capital gain of a primary residence etc. These tax incentives are put in place as they are deemed beneficial for the country and its individuals as a whole.

Most of these incentives are fairly straightforward and governments expend a lot of time and money to 'market' them as well - as do banks. Nontheless, for specific tax planning - advice and informing oneself can be hugely advantageous. Finding out what it possible - and therefore legal. That is where Taxcafe comes in - easy and simple guides covering specific topics such as family tax, business tax and property taxes.

Because these laws change from time to time, we wanted to have an affiliation with a dedicated tax expert that stays on top of this permanently. To visit the Taxcafe bookshop, click here:

Happy tax saving!

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